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1620 Fort Riley Blvd, Suite 101
Manhattan, KS 66502


People's Grocery Cooperative Exchange is a member-owned food store in Manhattan, Kansas specializing in local, organic, natural and allergen-free food options. Our knowledgable and caring staff is dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle, especially as we continue to grow. We offer a wide variety of bulk products, organic and local produce and meats, an extensive supplement and herb selection, a natural grocery department with a focus on small and sustainable companies and deli where everything is homemade. Stop by and grab the most sustainable sandwich and town and check out our selection. You will not be disappointed! 

An exciting new project...

The People's Grocery Blog

Get the latest scoop on any news and events happening at People's Grocery!

An exciting new project...

People's Grocery

With a store that's rapidly growing in a world where technology is rapidly changing,  it seemed like a good idea that we created a new space to share news, sales, educational information, recipes and so much more with you. 

We wanted a space that we could share the things that we love about our store with both guests and owner members. Here are some of the great resources you will find on our new site!


  1. The People's Grocery Blog: Our staff is so excited to share the new and fresh items that are the stars of their department! Also look for recipes, articles and other interesting information we think you might like
  2. A Natural Living Glossary: Natural foods can be very overwhelming. With works like, "organic", "free-range" and other confusing terms, it's hard to know what you are really buying. Our glossary breaks down the terms without sugar coating them. (And don't worry, we'll continue to add to it over time, when new terms come about!)
  3. Local Food Resources pages: Over the next year, watch as our staff tours the farms and businesses we have relationships with. We'll show you pictures from our visit and you can learn all about their practices, their philosophy and why they're creating food for change. 
  4. Co-Op Ownership space. Here you can see our board of directors and their contact info, ownership benefits, meeting notes, the seven co-op principals and the trailer for the movie "Food for Change: The Co-Op Story". Like what you see? You can also download an ownership application to bring into our store.
  5. Class Information and ongoing calendar: Here, you'll be able to see our class descriptions, dates and times for all of our classes that we teach with the help of the UFM community  learning center. You'll also be able to get print-outs from past classes as well.
  6. Detailed pages for each of our departments with department head contact info and a space where they can share what's new in their department.

We're so excited to share our new website with you and hope you love it as much as we do. 

-Kait Snoddy, Produce Buyer and web designer