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1620 Fort Riley Blvd, Suite 101
Manhattan, KS 66502


People's Grocery Cooperative Exchange is a member-owned food store in Manhattan, Kansas specializing in local, organic, natural and allergen-free food options. Our knowledgable and caring staff is dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle, especially as we continue to grow. We offer a wide variety of bulk products, organic and local produce and meats, an extensive supplement and herb selection, a natural grocery department with a focus on small and sustainable companies and deli where everything is homemade. Stop by and grab the most sustainable sandwich and town and check out our selection. You will not be disappointed! 

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Product Spotlight on: Ojio Ultimate Superfoods!

People's Grocery

This spring, People's Grocery added a new company, Ojio by Ultimate Superfoods,  to our shelves and we are so proud to carry them!

Who is Ultimate Superfoods? 

Ultimate Superfoods was founded in 2003 and wanted to create high quality "superfood" products such as raw chocolate, maca power and dried goji berries. However, they soon had a hard time finding raw products that met their quality and purity standards. They began searching for farms that they could directly source from to get them a product that was the best of the best. Each product is "carefully designed to consist of only the highest quality ingredients and with the Ultimate Superfoods commitment to flavorful physical wellness in mind."

So wait, is is Ojio or Ultimate Superfoods? 

After they established these relationships, Ultimate Superfoods developed their own product line, Ojio. According to their website, "Ojio was developed as a phonetic representation of the multifaceted growing regions and cultures, domestic and foreign, which sustain our products with rich ingredient". 

Why do we carry Ultimate Superfoods?

There is an ever-growing market for superfoods and at People's Grocery we not only believe in the importance of carrying superfoods, but believe that a higher quality product is just as important as the superfood itself. Ojio by Ultimate Superfoods is always high quality, always delicious and it looks pretty nice too! (Finally packaging you want to show people!) We love that Ultimate Superfoods never sacrifices quality for profit and that they stand by their commitment to health! We also love that because of their diverse line of products, we are able to carry things that might be hard for you to find elsewhere like palm sugar and yacon syrup!

What are some of our favorite products?

Maca Power, Cacao Nibs, Powdered Mesquite Sweetener, Yacon Syrup & Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Powder! 

Want to learn more about Ultimate Superfoods?

Check out their Website!