August Events

Fall is coming quite quickly (and who isn't ready to be done with these 100 degree days?!), but that means we still have August. August means lots of tomatoes and okra, back to school and the beginning of K-State football! Here's some events we'll have in August to help you transition from summer to fall!

August 14th- Blend in: How to build a better smoothie

Smoothies are a great food for breakfast, post-workout or a snack. Our produce buyer, Kait, will be showing you how to best make a smoothie to fit all of those needs. She'll cover how to get the best consistency, how to cram more nutrition into them and of course, how to make them taste great. And don't worry. There will be plenty of samples!

August 15th is Lynn, our Assistant Manager's Birthday! She's turning the big 2-5! Wish her a happy birthday while you're in!

August 25th- Monthly Board Meeting held at UFM