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1620 Fort Riley Blvd, Suite 101
Manhattan, KS 66502


People's Grocery Cooperative Exchange is a member-owned food store in Manhattan, Kansas specializing in local, organic, natural and allergen-free food options. Our knowledgable and caring staff is dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle, especially as we continue to grow. We offer a wide variety of bulk products, organic and local produce and meats, an extensive supplement and herb selection, a natural grocery department with a focus on small and sustainable companies and deli where everything is homemade. Stop by and grab the most sustainable sandwich and town and check out our selection. You will not be disappointed! 

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Introducing Our Fall Fertility Series!

People's Grocery

We're so excited to introduce a new education series this fall on fertility. If you've been trying to get pregnant or would like to learn about how to have a more natural pregnancy or birth, we will be hosting three Saturday afternoon classes at Heartspace Yoga Studio on Poyntz with three local experts on various topics. 

Our first class, on October 11th, will be hosted by Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Shannon Ryan. 

If you are familiar with our seasonal health classes, you've probably seen Shannon before. She will focus on teaching us how Chinese Medicinal Herbs can be used to increase your fertility naturally discuss the prevalent of environmental toxins and endocrine disrupting chemicals that can cause an array of hormonal imbalances and disease.



Our second class, on October 25th, will be hosted by Holistic Nutritionist, Aimee Phlegar.

Nutrition is the basis of health, and it only makes sense that it's necessary to consume a nutrient rich, whole foods diet to provide precursors to healthy hormones and optimal fertility. A fertility diet is a way of eating that is supporting your body and it's reproductive efforts. It includes foods which are dense in specific nutrients needed for hormonal function, production and balance, fetal development, egg health and more.

Join Holistic Nutritionist, Aimee Phlegar, as she discusses which specific whole foods, micro-nutrients, and fertility superfoods are integral in giving you and your future child the best start in life.
You will also receive a FREE daily and weekly food checklist to help you get started just for attending!


Our final class, on November 1st, will be hosted by Doula, Rachel Andreson. 

Food is the most important factor in childbearing, and it is in your control! This class will focus on foods to support your body for optimal fertility, vibrant health for the motherbaby unit in all three trimesters of pregnancy and birth, and rebuilding your body in the postpartum. We will discuss expanding the blood volume, keeping up energy and minimize nausea, and maintaining healthy body ecology, as well as many other food-related ideas for typical pregnancy and childbirth complaints. 

She will cover common concerns such as blood sugar, nausea, minimizing UTIs, healthy hemoglobin/hematocrit levels, diet and postpartum.