Check out the wide variety of herbs, teas, and spices from Frontier Natural Products Cooperative for cooking, baking, and wellness! 

Don't forget about our selection of Teeny Tiny Spices available on the Herb Island!  These are artisanal spice mixes "made easy" for those special occasion meals or everyday dishes for special people in your life.

New Items

Teapots and Mugs

A limited selection of teapots and mugs. More available soon!

  • 11 oz. Mugs with Covers and Stainless Steel Infusers 
  • 11 oz. Teapots-for-One with 7 oz. Nesting Cups
  • 32 oz. Asian Porcelain with No-Drip Spout
  • 2 cup Teapots
  • 6 cup Teapots 

All are dishwasher and microwave-safe ceramic in an assortment of beautiful high-gloss glazes.


Singing Dog Vanilla

We carry Fair Trade Certified Singing Dog Vanilla! We carry the 4 oz. Vanilla Bean Paste and Vanilla Extract with Vanilla Bean inside. You can get these products in our bulk herbs & spices section.


Herbs Director | Sylvia Beeman