About Rucker's Acres

Vince Rucker

Farmer at Rucker's Acres

Location of Rucker's Acres

Manhattan, KS (8 miles from People's Grocery)

What’s your farm motto or mission statement? Creating an environment to grow outstanding produce

How long has your farm been in existence? Since 1994 

Please share a brief synopsis of the history of your farm. This land was part of a 160 acre plot with an old stone house on the premises. In 1994, I was able to purchase 3 acres with that limestone house. I knew that this would be a perfect place to grow my crops because this is rich soil. It is a category #1FDA River Bottom Land. 

What crops and products do you produce? When are they harvested? Lettuce in the spring, Tomatoes, Peppers, Green beans, and Beets, in the Summer. Leeks, Okra, Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage and Turnips in early Fall. 

What farm management/operational practices do you use? All organic, with little mechanical help. Most everything is done by hand. I recently added a 30’ x 72’ High Tunnel. 

Which, if any, organic certification does your farm have? If none, do you use organic or conventional practices? My crops are not certified organic, but I use only organic practices.

 Which sprays do you use on which crops, and how often do you use them? I do not use any sprays.

What are your tillage practices? (how many times a year, what kind) I use a rototiller two times per year.

Tell us a little about your crop rotation. Do you use cover crops? The vegetables are rotated every three years. I cover crop every year.

What is your fertilizer source and type? I use legumes, compost, kelp, fish emulsion, etc.

Do you mulch, and if so, what kind/how much? I mainly use straw on vegetable crops.

What are your soil conservation practices (mulching, erosion control, etc.)? There is no need for me to use soil conservation practices. 

What would you like People’s Grocery Co-Op shoppers to know about your products? What sets you apart? When people buy my products, they can be assured it is the safest, most nutritious food. 

What vision do you have for the future of your farm and/or the future of food? I like the idea of getting back to growing produce in the earth as opposed to growing mediums and no man-made chemicals. I like the idea of food that is grown naturally, and that doesn’t come from the other side of the country or world.