Plumlee Buffalo (closeup)

About Plumlee Buffalo Ranch

Shirley & Larry Plumlee

Farmers for Plumlee Buffalo Ranch

Motto: "We strive to educate people about these majestic animals through our tours and provide healthy, natural meats to our customers."


Facebook: PlumleeRanch

Location of Plumlee Buffalo Ranch

Alma, KS (30 miles from People's Grocery Cooperative)

Are you open to Farm Visits?
Yes, we host lots of tours by appointment. See our website for more information. 

How long has your farm been in existence?
12 years

What do you raise?

Can you give us a brief history of your farm?
Larry & Shirley both grew up on cattle ranches.  In the past 20 years we have raised cattle and horses but switched to buffalo because they are easier to care for, never get sick and have no calving problems. Our Buffalo Ranch used to be near the Manhattan Airport, but it moved to the Interstate 70 & Highway 99 location in 2008.

Buffalo Grazing
Buffalo Eating

Buffalo at Plumlee Buffalo Ranch

Which, if any, organic certifications does your farm have? If none, do you use organic or conventional practices? 
Not organic but strictly grass fed. They are not grained before slaughter.

What chemicals (antibiotics, de-wormer, hormones, etc.) do you use? How often? 
We never use antibiotics, hormones or any other shots. 

Describe the type of grazing system you employ. (For example, do you rotate your pastures/ rangeland? Do you fertilize or plant seeds?)
We have 400 acres of pasture- some native grasses, some brome. Natural springs for water.

When supplementing your feed, what type do you use? Do you make an effort to avoid GMOs?
We feed them hay in the winter, some prairie hay and some brome. It is all local.

Do you feed your animals vitamins and/or use mineral blocks?
They have salt and mineral blocks available.

Where is your meat processed? What are you slaughtering practices? 
We use Frankfort Locker (state inspected)

What would you like People's Grocery Co-Op shoppers to know about your products? What sets you apart?
We want to offer people healthy, natural meat that is very low in fat and tastes great.

What vision do you have for the future of your farm and/or the future of food?
We hope more people will realize the value of natural and organic food.