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1620 Fort Riley Blvd, Suite 101
Manhattan, KS 66502


People's Grocery Cooperative Exchange is a member-owned food store in Manhattan, Kansas specializing in local, organic, natural and allergen-free food options. Our knowledgable and caring staff is dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle, especially as we continue to grow. We offer a wide variety of bulk products, organic and local produce and meats, an extensive supplement and herb selection, a natural grocery department with a focus on small and sustainable companies and deli where everything is homemade. Stop by and grab the most sustainable sandwich and town and check out our selection. You will not be disappointed! 


What is a Co-Op?

co • op • er • a • tive
a farm, business, or other organization that is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits.

Food Co-Op

If you look up "Food Co-Op" on Wikipedia, it will read that they are are "a food distribution outlet organized as a cooperative... that typically carry natural foods." While this is a quick, correct summary, to the owners and members of cooperatives, they are so much more.

Food co-ops take one of the biggest commercial and corporate structures that exist, grocery stores, and try to connect the customers to their food. By using democratic principles and helping to spark community involvement, co-ops are where the shoppers can literally vote with their dollars in a direct way, so as to make the biggest impact on their community possible. 

Democracy, education and community are all important part of the co-op model. 

In fall of 2013, Food For Change: The Story of Cooperation in America was released. Food for Change is a full length documentary that shows how co-ops are a force for change both socially and economically. People's Grocery donated to help make this movie possible.

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